8th Graders Only – MS Band Night

Friday, October 6 at Tiger Stadium

8th graders will get to experience a Belton High School football game from the best vantage point: the M100!  Students must wear their band uniform, which is the red polo shirt with:
–Solid black, plain-front pants.  NO jeans and NO cargo pockets.
–Solid black calf-length dress socks.  NO ankle socks.
–Solid black closed-toed shoes.
–Solid black belt for gentlemen.

Shirts will be tucked in, and please refrain from wearing necklaces, large earrings, and bracelets that would distract from the uniform appearance of the ensemble.  Band shirtsleeves should not be tied up on the shoulders.  As for all band performances, this is a required event for our curriculum.  After school on Friday, students will take their instrument, music, and flip folder/lyre home.  This includes students who play tuba and percussion.  The Band Hall will close at 4:45pm Friday afternoon.

Students should arrive at the M100 Practice Area no later than 6:00pm.  The practice area is the parking lot between Sparta Elementary and BHS-9.  Look for the observation tower in the center of the parking lot.  Students should leave their instrument cases in their parents’ vehicles.

After rehearsal, students will combine and line up with high school students to go to Tiger Field and sit in the stands with the M100.  Students will not be allowed to leave to visit the concession stands during the first half of the game.  As needed, they may use the restroom escorted by chaperones, and we will provide water for our students.  The pre-game activities start at 7:00pm, and the football game starts at 7:30pm.  South Belton Band students will stay in the stands with the M100 until halftime.

Parents will have to purchase a ticket to the game, unless they are serving as a chaperone.  Students will be dismissed right after the halftime performance.  There is no admission charge for South Belton Band students, nor for band chaperones.

After halftime, students are dismissed to their parents either in the football stands or at the front gate close to the parking lot towards Sparta Elementary.  Students are responsible for transporting their instrument and flip folder/lyre to and from the game. As for all of our performances, this is a major grade and the following rubric will be used: 1. Be Punctual: Be at the M100 Practice Area no later than 6:00pm (25%); 2. Be Prepared: Have your instrument, mouthpiece/sticks, music, and flip folder/lyre in hand ready to go (25%), and wear your uniform properly at all times (25%); and 3. Be Disciplined: Follow all directions, be ready to play at a moment’s notice, and always do the right thing (25%).

This will be a great performance for the South Belton Band!  Students, make sure you take care of all of your responsibilities for the performance to make it a smooth and fun night.  Parents, please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Mr. Pulley (chris.pulley@bisd.net) 254-215-3059

Mrs. Motl (janice.motl@bisd.net) 254-215-3058
The following is from the Belton ISD Athletic Department:

All high school and middle school band members will meet and enter at the Ambulance gate.  All middle school band members will march with the high school band around the track.  ONLY band members, band staff and chaperones with valid wristbands will be allowed to enter the ambulance gate.  Middle school band students will be escorted by the band directors to this exit after the halftime performance.

Middle school band students will be allowed to take their instruments to a vehicle after the halftime performance and re-enter at the PASS gate.  A middle school band director will be present at the PASS gate to approve free return entry for middle school band students.  If the middle school band student does not return within 15 minutes, the band student will not be allowed to enter.

Parents that need to meet their band student at the ambulance gate to assist in securing their instrument in a vehicle must ask for a RETURN ENTRY PASS when they walk out of the stadium gate.  Each individual person leaving the stadium must have a RETURN ENTRY PASS to be allowed to re-enter the stadium.  All parents must re-enter at the PASS gate and hand the gate attendant the RETURN ENTRY PASS.  If the parents are not returning to the stadium, they do not have to take a pass.  Band directors will assign chaperones to assist the band with various duties.  These chaperones are given wristbands that allow them access to the band area.  This wristband is NOT A TICKET to enter the stadium.  All chaperones are required to have a ticket to enter the stadium, which will be provided free of charge by the band directors.

All band members, while under the supervision of Belton Band Directors, will remain on the VISITORS side.

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