Beginner Sit-In Concert

Parents of Beginning Band Students,

Your child’s first band performance is fast approaching!  We will have our Beginner Sit-In Concert next Tuesday, October 17 in the SBMS Cafeteria.  What is a “sit-in concert”?  There is where students sit alongside their parents and families in the cafeteria rather than on the stage.  We want to try to make their first performance is as stress-free as possible!

Students will need to arrive at SBMS at 5:40pm and report to the Band Hall.  There, they will uncase and assemble their instrument, leave their case locked in their band locker, and bring their binder to the cafeteria.  Students who play a woodwind instrument will bring their case to the cafeteria and assemble their instrument there.  Percussion students will set up & perform in the main Band Hall.  Students should be seated ready to go by 5:50pm, and the concert will start promptly at 6:00pm.

As is for all band performances, here is the grading rubric the directors will use to determine your child’s grade for the performance:

    • Be Punctual – Students need to be in their seat in the cafeteria ready to perform with all materials by 5:50pm (25%)
    • Be Prepared – Students should have all of their supplies, including their music in their binder along with their well-lubricated instrument (25%)
    • Be Prepared – When they arrive at school at 5:40pm, students should already have on their band uniform, which is their band shirt tucked into jeans with closed-toed shoes (gentlemen should wear a belt – 25%)
    • Be Disciplined – Students should always be on their best behavior and set the example for proper concert etiquette, which includes remaining silent while someone is playing or speaking, remaining seated throughout the performance, and applauding appropriately (25%)

As you can see, students have the potential to do very well for this major performance grade.  If students are Punctual, Prepared, Disciplined, and Relentless, then they will automatically be Superior.  These five core principles dictate all of our procedures and philosophy of the South Belton Band.

We are very excited for the first performance of the 2017-2018 Beginner’s Ensemble!  Please invite any and all family members to attend this first concert experience, as all of our performances are admission-free.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s class director.


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