Temple VA Hospital Jazz Gig

We are excited for our first performance of the 2017-2018 school year for the South Belton Jazz Band!  Students will have time to change into uniform, or may come to school already dressed.  This will be counted as an Excused absence for school purposes, but students are still required to visit with their teacher before the performance in order to get make-up work that will be missed.  Students will be missing periods 3, 4, and 5.

9:48am – Report to 2nd Period as usual

9:50am – Change into Jazz Band Uniform (shirt tucked into black pants with black socks, shoes, & gentlemen wear a black belt)

10:30am – Uniform Inspection

10:40am – Bus Arrives & Load

11:00am – Leave for Temple (1901 S. Veterans Memorial Dr., Temple 76504 – Domiciliary)

11:15am – Arrive & Unload at Hospital

11:40am – Warm-Up Begins

12:00pm – Performance Begins

12:20pm – Performance Ends & Load Up Bus

12:30pm – Leave for McAlister’s Deli

12:45pm – Arrive at McAlister’s & Eat

1:30pm – Load Up Bus & Leave

1:45pm – Arrive at SBMS & Unload

2:09pm – Go to 6th period

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