M100 Audition Results

Congratulations to the following 8th grade South Belton Band students who auditioned and have been placed in the following ensembles in the Belton High School Marching Hundred:
In the Concert Band:
Kira K., 2nd chair flute
Vanessa C., 8th chair clarinet
Christopher S., 5th chair saxophone
Enedina G., 7th chair saxophone
In Symphonic Band 2:
Ezekiel T., 1st chair saxophone
Alison S., 4th chair saxophone
Alley P., 1st chair horn
Cain P., 3rd chair horn
Julian R., 2nd chair euphonium
In Symphonic Band 1:
Marcus C., 2nd chair bassoon
Wesley P., 2nd chair clarinet
Micaiah G., 2nd chair saxophone
Abigale H., 3rd chair saxophone
Skai T., 6th chair saxophone
Caleb K., 3rd chair trumpet
Ritchie W., 5th chair trumpet
Jacob P., 2nd chair horn
Lylian I., 3rd chair trombone
Sha’Niyah W., 1st chair tuba and highest placed freshman in the section
In the Wind Ensemble:
Savannah F., 1st chair bassoon and highest placed player in the section
Mackenzie R., 2nd chair horn and highest placed freshman in the section
Josh F., 3rd chair trombone and highest placed freshman in the section
Angel R., 3rd chair euphonium and highest placed freshman in the section
Additionally, the following 8th graders auditioned and earned spots on the Belton High School Drumline:
Timothy G., Vibraphone 4
Ethan R., Vibraphone 2
Sarah L., Xylophone 1
Alley P., Bass Drum 1
Wish them luck as they look to move forward into the next chapter of their Band life!

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