Beginning Band Contest at Temple College

Click here for the schedule for the Beginning Band Contest at Temple College on Friday, May 4.  Students should come to school that day wearing their band uniform, which consists of their band shirt tucked into jeans with closed-toed shoes.  They will have the opportunity to change into school clothes when we return if they so desire.  Students will miss half of 2nd period, as well as all of 3rd, 4th, & 5th periods, but are still responsible for their missed work.
We are still looking for more parent chaperones to accompany us on that Friday as well.  Please email Mr. Pulley if you can help.
In order to prepare for this performance and to put all 8 beginner classes together, we will be having large group rehearsals this Monday & Tuesday, April 30 & May 1 starting at 8:00am in the Band Hall until the end of Enrichment (9:40am).  Students will miss 1st period on both days, but can visit their teacher during their band period if necessary.
If you are planning to come watch our performance and wish to take your student with you from the event, you’ll need to check them out at the school office and fill out this form: Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent/Guardian.  Thanks for your support!

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