Remaining Events

Well the school year is almost over, but we still have a couple of events left for the South Belton Band.  First, our spring trip to Typhoon Texas is this Saturday and the schedule is attached here for your convenience.  We will meet at the front of the school and start in the Cafeteria.  Parent pick-up will be at the flagpole that afternoon.  Please be mindful of the dress code as outlined in the document, and the park does not allow water guns, snorkels, or masks of any sort.  Also chewing gum is not permitted inside the park, as well as the following: running, dunking, riding on shoulders, fighting, rough play, pushing, excessive splashing, or towel popping.
Our End-of-Year Award Ceremonies are coming up next week on Friday, May 25.  Each grade level will have their own assembly in the SBMS Gym.  The school will be mailing letters home this week to those students who qualify.  If you child received a first or second division on their solo back in February, they will be receiving their medal or ribbon at this assembly.
6th grade starts at 8:30am, 7th grade at 10am, and 8th grade starts at 2:30pm.  6th & 7th grade students will be returning to class after the ceremony.  You may stay to take pictures afterward, but remember that we will have another assembly taking place shorter after.  8th grade students will be allowed to go home with the parent(s) in attendance after signing out their student at the tables provided.

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