School-Owned Instruments

If your band student will be playing a school-owned instrument this year, a usage fee of $100 is required to cover the maintenance needed on these instruments.
I am letting you know this ahead of our Band Registration next Monday & Tuesday (August 6 & 7) from 8am-4pm (come-and-go) in the Band Hall so that you can decide of the payment plan that fits your family best. Parents can choose from the following 4 payment plans:
1. FULL AMOUNT – full $100 due by September 14
2. BY SEMESTER – half ($50) due by September 14, and the other half ($50) due by January 15
3. BY NINE WEEKS – quarter ($25) due by September 14, another November 15, February 15, & April 15
4. MONTHLY – $12.50 due the 15th of every month (September through April)
Keep in mind that no money is due until September 14 in order to give families time to budget, especially with all of the back-to-school supplies. However, you can pay this at Band Registration if you would like. Cash or checks made out to SBMS with a valid phone number are accepted. We do need a payment plan selection by the parents before an instrument will be checked out to students. If you would like to fill out this form before Band Registration, visit this link: School-Owned Instrument Payment Plan Form 
All fees are non-refundable, and if a student moves or is no longer a member of the band program, they will not receive a refund. Students will not be denied from playing an instrument because they are unable to pay this fee. Email a director if you need financial assistance.

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