Band Registration!

Wow, it’s that time of the summer already! This Monday & Tuesday (August 6 & 7) we will be having our required Band Registration from 8am-4pm (come-and-go) in the South Belton Band Hall that coincides with the 7th & 8th Grade Schedule/iPad Pick Up. If for some reason you and your child cannot make it on either day, please email a director so we can make other arrangements.
The plan is to be more efficient this year with seven stations to get you in and out faster. You will check-in at Station 1 and be given a Checklist to complete before you leave. Next, you will update your contact information in Charms (email addresses & phone numbers are very important). You will not need to create a password for this like last year.
Station 3 is where you will fill out our online forms and have your student sized for their uniform shirt so you know what size to order online (sizes tend to run large with our shirts). Hard copies of the Band Handbook will be available if you wish to read or skim through it.
Your child will get their locker & combination at the next station so if they are a beginner, be sure to have them bring their instrument & supplies. School-Owned instruments have already been pre-assigned to students so those will be checked out as well after you fill out the online Payment Plan form. Payments for instruments, shirts, decals, etc. are not due until September 14 in order give families more time to budget because of back-to-school expenses during the month of August. However, you may go ahead and pay something at the check-out station if you wish.
The band directors will be available at the next station to inspect instruments and check over supplies. We will have hard copies of the Calendar List of Band Events for you, and will help you subscribe to our Remind texts, which have been reset since last school year.
We would appreciate it if you would help us chaperone at some point during the school year, and the district requires that you fill out an online volunteer form for this every school year, which is at Station 6. Finally, you will check-out with the Boosters at the last Station 7. If you filled out the volunteer form online, they will sign you up as a chaperone. They will be filling out receipts for those who wish to pay something. This station will be collecting only the completed Checklists if you have everything done, which is due no later than the second day of school – Tuesday, August 21.
Thank you for reading this lengthy message, and email a director if you have any questions or can’t make it on either day.

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