Solo & Ensemble Contest Information

Saturday, February 23 at SBMS

It’s time for this year’s Solo & Ensemble Contest!  This competition focuses on individual and small group performances.  A solo is defined as a performance given by one person, while an ensemble is a performance given by a small group of people.  Each student will be judged by a professional musician and scored based on musical and technical standards. 

This year’s contest will be held this Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm.  Students will perform in 5-minute time slots and may come and go as needed.  Performances will be held mainly in the 6th grade hallway, and each student will have a room number assignment.  Students need to arrive 30 minutes before their schedule performance time in case the contest runs ahead of schedule.  This will also allow students enough time to physically and mentally warm-up and get focused for their performance.  The Cafeteria will serve as the Warm-Up Area, but not as a social hangout spot.  Performance times will be assigned this week.  All contest rooms will be held on the first floor, so upstairs will be closed.

Students will need to wear their proper band performance attire.  Beginners will wear their band shirt tucked into jeans with a belt (gentlemen) and closed-toed shoes, while members of the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble will wear their uniform with black pants.  Parents and family are encouraged to attend and listen outside the door, but only performers are allowed in the judging rooms.  We have selected judges who are area music educators and are professionals on their instrument.

Students have been preparing for this contest for months, and we want their hard work to pay off.  According to the Texas Education Agency’s “No Pass, No Play” Rule, all students that participate must be passing all of their classes.  Students will not be allowed to attend on Saturday if they are academically ineligible, and these students will be spoken with privately.  Attendance to this event is also a requirement for the Spring Trip to Typhoon Texas (Pflugerville) in May.

Everyone will play a solo, and students may easily earn a 100 for this major grade by being: 1. Punctual; 2. Prepared with their music, instrument, and uniform; and 3. Disciplined in their behavior.  There are three ratings which will be used for this contest only:

  • Division One (I) Superior Rating is much like receiving an A and students will earn a medal
  • Division Two (II) Excellent Rating is much like receiving a B and students will earn a ribbon
  • Division Three (III) Average Rating is much like receiving a C and students will only receive their comment sheet

Everyone has the opportunity to earn a first division superior rating because students are playing against a musical standard, and not against each other.  Students will receive their rating within a few minutes after their performance, and may leave after their rating is shared with them.  Medals and ribbons will be presented to students at the End-of-Year Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 24 in the SBMS Gym.

If your child needs a specific time to perform, please email Mr. Pulley as soon as possible so that time can be scheduled and secured.  It is difficult to change times after they are scheduled, so please take care of this ASAP. 

As always, if you have any questions or problems please feel free to call or email a director.  Thanks again for supporting your child’s music education!

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