Band Sign-Ups for Next Year

This message is intended for current 6th & 7th grade band students & parents only:
As we look ahead to planning for next school year, we need your feedback on your son or daughter’s choice for their enrollment in Band next year. We really appreciate your child’s participation in our program, and we sincerely hope they decide to continue to play their instrument and learn life-long skills, such as punctuality, preparation, self-discipline, focus, and relentless grit. The directors know that Band can add that special motivation to do well and to be superior in everything they do.

After talking it over with your child, please click on this link to select their choice for continuing in our program. If appropriate, please give us reasons that support your decision, and we appreciate your help with this process: Band Intention Form.  We would like all responses no later than this Wednesday the 27th.


Regardless of their choice, all 6th & 7th grade Band students will prepare and perform an End-of-Year Audition that serves as a placement exam for our ensembles. This will take place during the last week of April, and is part of their semester exam.


Remember, being in Band offers many benefits outside of playing an instrument. Important life skills such as time management are learned, as well as the integration of team building skills on a daily basis. Band students score higher on the SAT, and children who continue in Band have lower life-long drug and alcohol abuse rates as compared to those who don’t. All of these are important abilities that both colleges and future employers look for in our Band students. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Band students are the best kids in school!


The directors work with athletic coaches and other sponsors constantly to avoid any conflicts that may arise by students’ participating in multiple programs. We never want to put your child in the position of having to choose between different activities.


As always, please email a director if you have any questions.

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