End-of-Year Audition Information

This information is for current 6th & 7th grade band students only:

As we look forward to next school year, 6th & 7th grade band students were given information about our annual end-of-year auditions.  These will be held during your child’s band class the week of April 29 – May 3.  All current 6th & 7th grade band students are required to participate as part of their spring semester exam.  This audition serves as the individual assessment of each student’s musical skills mastered from this school year.  Think of this as the individual STAAR test for Band.

The concert portion of the South Belton Band consists of three ensembles: the Beginner’s Ensemble, the Symphonic Band, and the Wind Ensemble.  This audition serves as the placement exam into one of these 3 groups.  Students in the Beginner’s Ensemble are from grades 6-8, while students in the advanced groups (Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble) are from grades 7th & 8th only.  Placement in these advanced ensembles is based on ability & musicianship, not grade level.  Much like when students move from 6th to 7th grade, Symphonic Band serves as the natural next step in the progression from Beginner’s Ensemble.  Wind Ensemble serves as the premier ensemble, and students in both groups participate in pep rallies, Bring A Vet to School Day, concerts, contests, etc.

For wind players, the audition material consists of 3 memorized scales and a brief (8 measure) sightreading excerpt.  Percussion students will audition with Mr. Reberger on separate material.  Detailed information about scales and sightreading have been provided directly to students, and each audition should last about 5-10 minutes.  Students will play their audition only once, and will not be allowed to redo it.  Auditions will be audio recorded for director reference only, not for public distribution.

Students will earn a separate score and grade for their audition.  Scores determine ensemble placement, and grades are earned based on each student’s individual audition preparation, performance, and potential.  As part of the semester exam, only the following grade will be given: 100, 85, 70, and 50.  Any student who earns a grade of 50 will be required to repeat Beginning Band next year if they wish to remain in the South Belton Band program.

For interested saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion students, this audition also serves as placement for Jazz Band.  No additional music is required to prepare for this ensemble.  Not all students who audition for Jazz Band will earn a spot in this group.  Students must be concurrently enrolled in either Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble, and use 2 electives in order to participate in this elite group.

Audition results are final and will be officially posted on Friday, May 10 at 8:00am in the South Belton Band Hall, and these results will be sent to the school counselors for next year’s scheduling.  Those students choosing to not remain in Band next year will not have their results posted.

Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly read this letter to ensure a smooth audition process.  As always, if there are any questions or concerns, please contact one of the directors.  Thank you for your continued support of the South Belton Band!

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