Spring Trip Form Reminder & Correction

Just a quick reminder that the third page of the Spring Trip Intention Form is due next Monday, April 15 along with any necessary payments.  Even if your student is not going on the trip, please have them check “Student Is Not Interested” and return the form to the turn-in box in the Band Hall.

As these forms are processed, you should receive an automated email from the system which includes the receipt.  This will take some time since there are multiple steps per student that have to be completed.

There is a misprint on the form regarding siblings who would like to attend, especially for those who did well on our fundraiser and have some credit left over.  Siblings must ride with a parent/guardian who is driving their own vehicle and are not allowed on the bus.  The price for siblings is the same as it is for parents driving their own vehicle – $52, not $65.  I apologize for this mistake, and this does make it cheaper for other family members to attend.

As always, please email a director if you have any questions.

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