EOY Awards Ceremony

If you were not already aware, our SBMS End-of-Year Awards Ceremonies take place this Friday in the Large Gym.  If your student received a Division 1 or 2 on their solo, they will be receiving a medal or ribbon, respectfully.  Hopefully you have already received the notice in the mail for this, and can attend to celebrate with your student.  We will also have a special portion of the ceremony just for our special awards for Band.  You can find out more detailed information by visiting that page of our website at sbmsband.net/awards

The ceremony for 6th grade will start at 8:30am, 7th grade at 10:30am, and 8th grade at 1:30pm.  We have asked students to dress up a bit to make this event special for their school, classmates, and parents.  We hope to see you on Friday!

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