Reminders for Band

We are excited to start another great year in the South Belton Band!  This message contains a few reminders as we start school on Monday:

First of all, remember that all band supplies and materials are due in class on Tuesday.  Click on this link if you need the list of supplies for your child’s instrument:  Your child’s complete Band Registration Checklist is due on Tuesday as well.  Links are indicated below for your convenience.  If your student is in our Beginner’s Ensemble, use only this one marked “Beginners,” while the one marked “Advanced” is for students only in the Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and/or Jazz Band.  If you just signed up for Band this past week and need more time, please email Mr. Pulley and let us know.

Next, if you signed up to be a chaperone with us, please email Mr. Pulley your name, student’s name, best email address, and best cell phone number.  This will allow us to track who has yet to be approved by the district, as well as who we can reach out to for various band events throughout the year.  Here is the link for our always up-to-date list of band events that you can save:  The events marked with asterisks (stars) is where we need chaperone help throughout the year.

Lastly, remember that we can no longer give out student/parent contact information to our private lessons instructors.  This means that parents are responsible for contacting the teacher to tell them that your child wants lessons.  Please email Mr. Pulley with your child’s name and with who they are taking lessons.  This will allow us to work with the instructors to schedule lessons during your child’s band class on one day in the week.  If you need the list of instructors and/or their bio’s so you can select a teacherplease email Mr. Pulley.  Lesson teachers will not know that you want lessons for your child unless you contact them.  This is a change from what we have done in the past.

Thank you for your support in getting these start-of-school tasks completed for Band, and we look forward to growing your student musician!

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