Field Trip & Fundraiser Money

Coming up this Wednesday, all South Belton Band members will be traveling to Tiger Field to watch the Belton High School Marching Hundred (M100) perform.  Please read this attachment that contains all of the details for this field trip.  Students will need to come to school that day already dressed in their band uniform shirt tucked into jeans wearing closed-toed shoes.  Boys will need to wear a belt as part of their required uniform.  Students who ordered a shirt earlier this year will receive it on Monday during class.  If you have yet to pay for their shirt, please have your child bring the required amount to school on Monday in an envelope.  Beginner t-shirts are $10, and the advanced polo shirts are $20.  Email Mr. Pulley if you need to confirm whether or not you have paid for your student’s shirt.

Also, all money from our chocolate fundraiser is due this coming Tuesday.  We are almost sold out of chocolate!  If your student still needs to finish selling their current box, please “buy” the rest of chocolate they have left and turn that money in on Tuesday so we can close out the fundraiser.  Keep selling to finish off the box and then just keep what you paid for.  Email Mr. Pulley if you need clarification on this.

Thank you for your continued support, and we’re off to a great start for the South Belton Band!

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