Holiday Concert – Friday, December 13th

Just a reminder about our upcoming Holiday Concert on Friday, December 13 starting at 7pm in the Belton High School Performing Arts Center (PAC).  Because we are a performance-based program, this will serve as our semester exam, which is 20% of your student’s semester grade.  For this performance only, students are required to stay for the entire concert, which should end close to 8pm.  This is so students can have the opportunity to demonstrate proper concert etiquette as they watch other students perform, as expressed in the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS).

We also need some parents to help chaperone students, but rest assured, you will still be present to watch your student perform.  If you are an approved volunteer and can help, please email Mr. Pulley.

As for all of our performance, the following grading rubric will be used:

  • Arrive on time by the call time indicated (details given later): 25%
  • Arrive in proper uniform, including shirt tucked in: 25%
  • Be Prepared with all materials, including music, drumsticks/mallets, mouthpiece reeds, instrument, etc.: 25%
  • Be Disciplined in your behavior and display superior concert etiquette both on and off stage, which includes not talking while a group is performing on stage or someone is speaking on the microphone: 25%

If you have any questions, please email your child’s director.  Thanks!

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