Saturday, February 22 Solo Contest

Just a head’s up about our next performance at South Belton MS on Saturday, February 22: Solo & Ensemble Contest.  Students must be academically eligible to perform, and they will be performing at various times that morning from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  We need parent help!  Parents will be helping monitor students as they go in and out of the various classrooms to perform.  We also need some help monitoring students in the cafeteria.  Please email Mr. Pulley if you are an approved volunteer and can help.

For this performance, we are more flexible on scheduling because of the timing of each student’s individual performance.  If your student has a conflict with this day, or needs to perform at a specific time, please email Mr. Pulley so we can get a head start on scheduling.  This is easier the earlier we get this information so everyone’s scheduling request can be met.

Thanks for your help!

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