Band Picture Day!

Yesterday, your band student should have come home with a picture order form in preparation for our Band Picture Day on Wednesday, January 22.  We will be taking both group ensemble pictures for the yearbook, and individual pictures that are available for purchase.  We would like for all band students to participate in their respective ensemble group photos, but the individual pictures are only if you decide to order them using the form.  Please make sure your student brings their completed form and money on Wednesday.

Beginner students should come to school already dressed in their band uniform (band shirt tucked into jeans with closed-toed shoes, and a belt for gentlemen).  These students will be called out of their 1st Period class to come to the Band Hall, assemble their instrument, and sit in the ensemble much like they did for our Holiday Concert last month.  Only 1st Period beginners will take their individual pictures during that time.  Beginners in other classes will take their individual picture during their band class period (i.e., 3rd, 5th, or 7th).

Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, & Jazz Band students should bring their formal uniform to school (shirt tucked into black pants, black calf-length socks, black dress shoes, and a black belt for gentlemen) and hang it up on their locker.  These students will take their group and individual pictures during their band class period.

After they take their pictures, students will be given the opportunity to change into regular school clothes if they so desire.  Please email Mr. Pulley if you have any questions.

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