Solo & Ensemble Contest Results

Recently, we held the 9th Annual Band Solo & Ensemble Contest here at SBMS.  All band students spent a few months preparing a solo to be performed in front of a judge, as well as some ensembles.

Overall, there were 164 events that were judged by 7 adjudicators.  Of those, 129 were awarded first division superior ratings and will receive a medal at the End-of-Year Awards Ceremony in May.  Second division excellent ratings were awarded to an additional 30 students, and they will be awarded a ribbon at the ceremony.

These 27 students will earned an additional special medal and were named as Outstanding Performers at the contest.  Please join me in congratulating these students:

  1. Cailyn M., flute
  2. Gage C., bassoon
  3. Aubrey M., bassoon
  4. Ethan B., clarinet
  5. Gaby M., clarinet
  6. Olivia B., alto saxophone
  7. John P., alto saxophone
  8. Kason W., alto saxophone
  9. Ashu G., tenor saxophone
  10. Makavian H., trumpet
  11. Logan L., trumpet
  12. Aiden O., trumpet
  13. Bobby R., trumpet
  14. Thaddeus H., trombone
  15. Gambit L., trombone
  16. Autumn M., trombone
  17. Asa T., trombone
  18. Pablo U., trombone
  19. Nathan W., trombone
  20. Ethan D., euphonium
  21. Josh E., tuba
  22. Ashton S., tuba
  23. Alyssa N., percussion
  24. Sadie S., percussion
  25. Brennan L., percussion
  26. Grayson N., percussion
  27. Ethan S., percussion


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