Updated Information for M100 HS Band Auditions

The following information pertains only to 8th graders joining the Belton High School Marching 100, and is directly from Shannon Gill, Director of Bands:

We, the band staff, in accordance with recommendations from Administration, have decided not to hold video auditions this semester for band placement for next school year.  Instead, we will place students in the bands that we feel are the best fit for each individual based on assessments and observations we have made throughout the school year.  Directors will give counselors their recommendations in the next couple of weeks for band/guard placement for the school year 2020-2021.  We will, however, hold auditions again in December for placement in bands for the Spring Semester of 2021, so some schedule changes may need to occur.  A few reasons for this:

  • A new timeline for band placement results has recently been communicated.  We need to get results to counselors about 4 weeks earlier than we had planned previously.
  • We had originally planned on live auditions including a sightreading component which is not possible at this time.  Video auditions are often not the best for auditions AND there is no way to ensure equitability amongst students in regards to video quality, accessibility of internet, practice time – some students are not able to practice as much as others at this time due to increased challenges such as taking care of siblings, working, etc.
  • Some students may not have their instrument and/or it may not be in good repair and repair shops are not open at this time (to my knowledge).

We are also trying to lessen the stress and overwhelming aspects of this pandemic for our students and parents.  An audition is stressful enough in normal times.

In regards to 8th graders coming to BHS or New Tech in the Fall of 2020: We will make placements based on Middle School Director recommendation and what band the students are currently in at their middle school.  If a student is in the top (most advanced) band at their middle school, they will be placed in the BHS 3rd Band – Symphonic Band.  If a student is in the 2nd or 3rd band at their middle school, they will be placed in the BHS 4th Band – Concert Band.  We know most of you have already registered but we will send our list to counselors in a couple of weeks with the new recommendations.  Please remember these results are only TEMPORARY and we will re-audition ALL students in December to ensure proper placement in the Spring semester.  The curriculum for ALL band students in the Fall is centered around the Fall marching show so band placement in the Fall is not as much of a concern at it will be in the Spring when we prepared for Concert & Sightreading Contest.  Please email shannon.gill@bisd.net with any questions or concerns.  Thank you!

Please remember that these results are not permanent and we will audition EVERYONE again in December provided we return to school as planned for the Fall.  Schedule changes are always a possibility if we discover an issue with a student’s placement and we have been able to make changes at several points in the semester we needed.

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