Instrument Drop Off/Locker Clean Out


Well it’s already that time of year to start closing down school for the summer, and I’m sorry we weren’t able to end the school year in person.  This message contains details for turning in school-owned instruments and cleaning out student lockers.  I apologize in advance for the length of this message, but please read all of it in its entirety.

1. School-Owned Instrument Drop Off: If your student plays a school-owned instrument, these will need to be turned in on either Wednesday, May 20 or Thursday, May 21 between 3:00-7:00pm.  Even if a student is returning next school year, we need all of these instruments dropped off at the back Band Hall door in order to be checked in on our system, cleaned/sanitized, and evaluated for summer repair.  There is a possibility that we will allow instruments to be checked out for the summer, but this will be decided at a later time and communicated through email.

During your selected time, you will follow the path of this map and drop off the instrument along the side of building.  That’s it, nothing else to do!  If students need to retrieve something from their band locker, then they will need to follow the steps in the following section.  Sign up for a specific time using this link, and please write down and adhere to this time in order to follow social distancing guidelines:  Students are required to wear a face mask if they are coming into the building, and will only be allowed in one at a time.

2. Locker Clean Out: If students need to retrieve something from their locker, they will be required to wear a face mask and come in one at a time through the back Band Hall door.  Parents should pull over to the left side and park their vehicle next to the fence by the Track, as indicated by this map, in order to keep the line of vehicles moving.  Please sign up using this Sign-Up Genius link and there will be no more than 3 students every 10 minutes, and only one student will be allowed in the Band Hall at any one time.

We will provide large trash bins so students can clean out their locker and keep thing tidy.  Anything left in students’ lockers after 7:00pm on Thursday, May 21 will be permanently thrown away.  The directors would prefer that the students take personal responsibility and clean out their own lockers, but we understand if parents would not feel comfortable with their student coming in the building.

3. 8th Grade Band Shirts/Hoodies: Shirts and hoodies will be available for 8th graders to pick up when they come into the building for Locker Clean Out.  Once again, please sign up for a specific time using this link and Map of SBMS.

As always if you have any questions, please email your director.  Thank you and stay safe!

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