Band Safety Protocol

Dear Band Families,

As we prepare for the new school year I wanted to keep you informed on how we plan to keep our students safe while playing instruments in school.

We have made many adjustments to create a safe environment for the students to participate in band. There was an in-depth study conducted at Colorado State University over the past 5 months and they released their results about aerosols that are released into the air from playing many different instruments.  They released their findings, which included ways to minimize/eliminate aerosol particles in a concert band setting.  Here is a link to the research if you would like read through it:

In accordance to the study, we have made the recommended adjustments including:

1.The chairs in the band hall have been placed more than 6 feet apart.

2. The district has ordered bell covers/flute shields for every person in the band programs.  The covers will be kept on a hook in their locker and brought home every week to be washed/sanitized.  Any student without their cover will not be allowed to play that day.

3.We have also ordered Instrument Playing masks for the kids to wear while playing their instruments.  These band masks will also be given to every student and kept in their locker to be washed/sanitized and returned to school every week.  Here is a link to what we ordered.

4. Emptying of condensation that comes from the spit valves will be done in trash cans that are spread throughout the band hall and removed at the end of each class.

5. We plan to take the group outside to play on days that the weather and availability allows for us to do so.

All of these items are in addition to the precautions and protocols that the entire school building will be following.

I hope this helps to clarify things and show you that we are really invested in keeping every child entrusted in our care safe.  I am also happy to discuss any of this in further detail.

I appreciate and recognize the parent and student investment in the band program and that you recognize the value of musical education.  Regardless of what twists and turns this year will throw in our direction the safety of our children will be at the forefront of every decision made. I know we will have a great year and I cannot wait to make music very soon!


Mrs. Sara Wiley

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