All-Region Band Results

Congratulations to the following band members for their wonderful accomplishments the past week auditioning for the All-Region Band! We are proud of each of you!


Cailyn M.- 3rd Chair

Milagros S.- 8th Chair

Laney M.- 13th Chair (1st Alternate)


Akina G.- 4th Chair

Lexani R.

Bass Clarinet

Josiah M.- 1st Chair

Alto Sax

Reyna G.- 10th Chair (2nd Alternate)

Bari Sax

Logan F.- 2nd Chair


Daniel P.- 8th Chair

Maddie W.- 19th Chair (1st Alternate)

Noely R.

Michael W.

Krysalyn P.


Jeremiah J.- 14th Chair

Kate P.

Nalleli F.

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