Temple College Invitational Contest

Dear SBMS Symphonic Band and Beginner Band Parents, Hello! On Friday, May 28th the Symphonic and Beginner Band students will be taking a field trip to BHS to perform for a judge and have a clinic. Students must be academically eligible to attend this field trip. Please read the attached document for further details.  Please… Continue reading Temple College Invitational Contest

Solo and Ensemble Reminders: Saturday, April 10th

Dear SBMS Band Family,Reminders for tomorrow's Solo and Ensemble Contest: Students should arrive at SBMS 5-10 minutes before their event time. They were given their times yesterday. Please ask if you need to know your child's performance time. Try to be on time, as a late start time for your child will impact all those… Continue reading Solo and Ensemble Reminders: Saturday, April 10th

Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday, April 10

Hello SBMS Band Family! Solo and Ensemble Contest is coming up next Saturday, April 10th. Your child will be performing for a professional musician on a piece of music they have been preparing for several months. More details are forthcoming, but students will be assigned a time to perform between 9 am-12 pm. This is… Continue reading Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday, April 10

All-Region Band Results

Congratulations to the following band members for their wonderful accomplishments the past week auditioning for the All-Region Band! We are proud of each of you! Flute Cailyn M.- 3rd Chair Milagros S.- 8th Chair Laney M.- 13th Chair (1st Alternate) Clarinet Akina G.- 4th Chair Lexani R. Bass Clarinet Josiah M.- 1st Chair Alto Sax… Continue reading All-Region Band Results