This page contains important documents for both students and parents.

Fingering Charts – these online documents are for students to look up and memorize the fingering for all notes on their instrument.  Students should always have a copy readily available to them.

Google Classroom Enrollment & Recording Procedures – this document outlines the procedures students need to follow in order to enroll in Google Classroom and how to submit recordings of their playing online to their directors.

How to Practice – this document highlights the best practices students & parents should know and use in order to become high quality musicians.

Rehearsal Expectations – this document outlines the rehearsal etiquette guidelines students should strive for and how they should focus their creative energy

Rehearsal Etiquette & Musical Standards Rubric – this rubric evaluates the above rehearsal expectations as well as the musical objectives we strive to master every day.

Musical Expectations & Sound Concepts – in addition to rehearsal expectations, students should strive to master these musical expectations on their instrument every day.

Percussion Expectations – this document details additional specific responsibilities for our percussion students.

Benefits of Private Lessons – this page lists the many benefits a student enjoys when taking lessons on their instrument.

All-Region Band Instrumentation (South Zone) – this lists the number of instrument spots for each ensemble in our All-Region Band auditions.

Playing Rubric – this rubric outlines how our students are graded and evaluated on their in-class playing.

Rhythm Syllables Combinations (Traditional) – this lists some of the most common rhythms and how to count them along with fun food & drink words that are the same syllables.

STARS Sightreading Information Sheet – this outlines the procedure for reading a piece of music for the very first time.

Step-Up Instrument Parent Notice – this letter to parents explains the reasons why students should upgrade their instrument after their beginner year.  Note: While this information is aimed toward parents of trumpet & trombone players, parents of flute, clarinet, and saxophone students should consider this information as well.

UIL-Style Grading Rubric – this rubric is for students to use as they prepare for contest performances, such as UIL Concert & Sightreading.

End-of-Year Audition Score Sheet – this judging sheet is used to evaluate and grade individual students for next year’s ensemble placement.  The EOY Audition is required all of 6th & 7th grade band students.

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