Supplies & Materials

Beginner Band Supply Lists:

1A Beginner Flute Supplies List

2A. Beginning Oboe Supplies List

3A. Beginning Bassoon Supplies List

4A. Beginning Clarinet Supplies List

5A. Beginning Saxophone Supplies List (1)

6A. Beginning Trumpet Supplies List

7A. Beginning Horn Supplies List

8A. Beginning Trombone Supplies List

9A. Beginning Euphonium Supplies List

10A. Beginning Tuba Supplies List

11A. Beginning Percussion Supplies List

All students are required to “BE PREPARED” and have all supplies and materials everyday in class.  Office supplies from any source include the following:

  1. One-inch 3-ring binder (preferably black) with “windows viewer” on the outside.
  2. Five notebook dividers
  3. Korg TM-60 Tuner with a microphone clip
  4. Two highlighters
  5. One dozen (12) sharpened pencils (preferably mechanical) that go into…
  6. Pencil bag that goes into the 3-ring binder

Beginning Band students are required to have both of the following books specific to their instrument (percussion books are listed separate):

5 Minute Theory

Five-Minute Theory Workbook by Mark Wessels

Ed Sueta Band Method

Ed Sueta Band Method Book 1 by Ed Sueta

Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble Supply Lists:

1B Adv Flute Supplies List

2B. Advanced Oboe Supplies List

3B. Advanced Bassoon Supplies List

4B. Advanced Clarinet Supplies List

5B. Advanced Saxophone Supplies List

6B. Advanced Trumpet Supplies List

7B. Advanced Horn Supplies List

8B. Advanced Trombone Supplies List

9B. Advanced Euphonium Supplies List

10B. Advanced Tuba Supplies List

11B. Advanced Percussion Supplies List

Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble students are required to have the following book (instrument specific) and flip folder/lyre specific to their instrument:

Foundations for Superior Performance by Richard Williams & Jeff King

Flip Folder


Flip Folder                                                     Lyre

Jazz Band:

Students need to buy their own copy of the following book that is specific to their instrument:
jazz book

Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble by Mike Steinel